Lets Celebrate Spooky Season!

Who's ready to decorate for Halloween already? I find that Halloween decor is slowly creeping into my home year-round more and more.

There are skulls adorning my living room bookshelves and coffee table. My desk now includes a light-up jack-o-lantern, and my freezer door in the kitchen proudly boasts that I support Halloween! Oh, and my entire bedroom is Halloween these days.

But I still like waiting to put out most of my decor until we’re IN Halloween season. I never want to spoil that special feeling Halloween holds when the pumpkins and ghosts creep into my home.

Since I’m not ready to decorate for October just yet, I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for decor inspiration. I have found you can be a minimalist with it and still have a great appearance in your home. 

Decorating a Halloween Tree is always a fun project with the kids and brings up light that Christmas is just around the corner!

Add a little spice to your pumpkin carving with a spooky flower crown!

Join a Halloween book club!

Turn your bedroom into a spooky lair if you are a true fan of Halloween.

These are just a few ideas as we approach Spooky Season!